Earrings: What You Need to Know About Earrings

Our ancestors have worn earrings since time immemorial. People from ancient civilizations have adorned their ears with simple earrings as a way to tell others about their social standing. Before all kinds of designs of earrings were popular, ancient people have always worn hoops with solid designs and features. Earrings, in the past, are worn to depict the history and social status of people. Tribesmen from different parts of the world use earrings to indicate their rank in their society. For instance, tribesmen in Africa wear bigger earrings to denote their high rank in their society. Today, however, contemporary designs of earrings have created an unlimited number of earrings to choose from.

Earrings Come with Different Designs

The plethora of earring designs is a result of the engagement of people towards fashion. The thing is that simple hoop earrings won’t do these days anymore. This is the reason why earrings can now be fashioned from silver, pearls, jades as well as other precious stones and metals aside from yellow gold.  

The designs of earrings today have definitely shifted from the simple loop to a more complex feature. For instance, the solid hoops are now modified to have more layers to create elegant dangling earrings. Other designs of earrings are more modern by being inspired by common elements and items. Today, you can see earrings that have been inspired by boat anchors, paper clips, and even crosses. These interesting earrings match the personality of the wearer.

Earrings Are Worn by Everyone

With the creation of different earrings, many women now believe that earrings are the most important staple in their jewelry box that can accentuate their entire look. This is the reason why a lot of women collect earrings more than other types of jewelry. Ask any woman that you know how many earrings they have and they will tell you that they have three or more pairs.

But aside from women, men are also into collecting earrings. Recently, many jewelry stores have a collection of male earrings to cater to men who love to adorn their ears or other parts of their bodies with earrings. Most of these earrings do not come in pairs as men still prefer to wear them on one ear.

Earrings may be small but they are very important accessories that you can wear to improve your look. These small jewelries have definitely come a long way and it is still inspiring more people to wear them.