Bridesmaid Jewelry

Choosing Bridesmaid Jewelry Without Breaking Your Bank

Your wedding day is the most important event in your life. Aside from preparing your wedding gown and accessories, you also need to pay attention to your entourage’s jewelry. Most would-be brides would balk at the idea of spending a lot of money for bridesmaid jewelry but there are ways to accentuate your bridesmaids’ dresses if you know what your options are. This article will discuss tips on how to choose bridesmaid jewelry without breaking the bank.

Be Creative

Gone are the days when bridesmaids have to wear the same outfit and accessories. Having said this, you can accessorize and be creative about it. What matters is that you choose different bridesmaid jewelry that will carry the theme of our wedding. For instance, if the theme of your wedding is pink, then you can choose bridesmaid jewelry like pink earrings or a metal necklace with a pink charm. You can also have your other bridesmaid wear pins, brooches, and chunky rings to match your wedding theme. The thing is that when choosing bridesmaid jewelry, you must rely on your creativity as the bride to make your bridesmaid look extra special on your wedding day.

Determine the Personality of Your Bridesmaid

When choosing the right bridesmaid jewelry, it is extremely important to choose one that will fit the personality of each of your bridesmaid.  Doing so allows you to personalize your bridesmaid jewelry but still stick to the theme of your wedding. For instance, if your bridesmaid is an outgoing person, you can give her a bangle bracelet that will give her a sporty look on your wedding day.

Opt for Costume Jewelry

Buying bridesmaid jewelry made from expensive metals and gemstones can cause a lot of strain on your budget. But really, you are not obliged to buy expensive bridesmaid jewelry if you can use costume jewelry. Contrary to what most people think, costume jewelry is not made from plastic pieces. In fact, you can use high-quality metals like sterling silver so people cannot tell that it is made from cheap materials.

If you choose costume jewelry, it will be easier for you to buy different types of jewelry for your bridesmaids to wear. Choose the costume jewelry wisely so that your bridesmaid can hold on it as a keepsake and use it for years to come.

While you are the main highlight of your wedding day, your bridesmaid still holds a special place in your wedding. This is the reason why they should also look great by wearing attractive bridesmaid jewelry.