Diamond Rings

Proper Care of Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are a great addition to your jewelry box. As the hardest gemstone in the world, diamonds last for a long time but didn’t you know that proper care of diamond rings can help maintain its value and integrity? The thing is that while diamond is considered as the hardest gemstone, it can still chip and crack if not handled properly. Below are tips on the proper care of diamond rings.

Care Tips When Wearing Diamond Rings

Diamond rings may be strong but they can be damaged by different types of household cleansers, personal hygiene wash and other cleaning products. These cleaning products include lotions, hair dyes, bleach, detergent and even cosmetics. Thus, before you put on your diamond ring, make sure that your hands are free from these types of chemicals.

It is also important to remove your diamond ring when you jump into the pool because the chlorinated water can react to the metal band of the ring. The reaction will not take place instantaneously but it will definitely do so in the long run and your wedding band will appear to have changed its color.

How to Clean Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are sophisticated thus they demand a smarter way of cleaning. When cleaning your diamond rings, it is crucial that you have it cleaned regularly by a jeweler. If you don’t have enough time to visit your jeweler, you can clean your diamond rings by yourself by using a neutral cleanser that will not damage them. The only cleaner that you can use to clean diamond rings is a glass cleaner. To clean your diamond rings, soak them in a glass cleaner and scrub using a soft used toothbrush. Rinse immediately under cold water. For safety purposes, never clean your diamond rings on the sink that has no stopper otherwise it may slip from your hand and into the drain.

Storing Diamond Rings

Storing diamond rings should also be carefully considered. You don’t toss it into your jewelry box together with your other trinkets. To protect your diamond ring, store it in a soft pouch so that they don’t rub and scratch one another. Moreover, keep them in a place that is theft-proof and fire-proof so that they are kept safe and free from harm.

Diamond rings are great investments so it is crucial that you handle and store them properly so that they will last for a long time.